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Normandie : the top tours and activities

Visite hors des sentiers battus

Avec ou sans la visite de l'Abbaye

Patrimoine de l'UNESCO

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Visite spéciale mini-groupe!

Le quartier des pêcheurs

Offre spéciale famille

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Falaises et impressionnisme !

Visite du manoir d'Ango offerte

Gratuité pour les enfants

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Journée complète avec un guide privé

Une expérience inoubliable

La 8eme Merveille du monde

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Guide expérimentée

Guide privée

Vues sur la baie

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Luxury minivan

Licensed tour guide

Tailor made tours on request

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What to do and see: Normandie ?

D-Day Beaches

D-Day Beaches

On June 6, 1944, the beaches of Normandy served as the sight of perhaps one of the most important turning points during WWII. During the historic D-Day, thousands of Allied troops from America, Canada, Britain and many other nations landed on the beaches and began the battle that started France and then Europe’s liberation from Nazi occupation. Stand in the very place this extremely important historic and world-changing event occurred, then check out the museums and cemeteries dedicated to the brave soldiers who risked their lives. D-Day Beaches


Listed as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, this small island and town located just off the coast, and connected to the mainland by a causeway, is a must-see. The island is crowned by a stunning 1000 year old monastery ago that is an extraordinary example of medieval Christian and even military architecture. The island served as an important pilgrimage sight from the 8th to 18th century, and today continues to be a very popular tourist destination. The island itself offers scenic views and should not be missed. Mont-Saint-Michel
Giverny: The home of Claude Monet

Giverny: The home of Claude Monet

Calling all art lovers. Delve into the heart of Impressionism and visit the home of one of its greatest artists: Claude Monet. Monet called this charming village, located on the banks of the Seine River, home for many years. Explore Monet’s house. Visit the beautiful gardens and see the water lilies that inspired some of Monet’s most famous works. Giverny


If you love beautiful old cities, the capital city of Normandy is the place for you. The charming city is full of activities and sights for visitors. Stroll through Rouen’s medieval streets and visit the square where Joan of Arc was executed. Take a detour past the Gros-Horloge, a giant astronomic clock built back in 1389. See the magnificent Notre Dame cathedral which Monet himself has portrayed in a series of paintings. Rouen
Falaise d’Étretat

Falaise d’Étretat

Falaise d’Étretat

What to do and see: Normandie

  1. 1

    Le Mont Saint-Michel autrement

  2. 2

    Le Pollet: quartier des pêcheurs de Dieppe

  3. 3

    L'église St Valéry de Varengeville sur Mer et son cimetière marin

  4. 4

    Une journée au Mont Saint Michel

  5. 5

    Le mythique Mont-Saint-Michel

  6. 6

    Private tour Mont Saint-Michel and Saint-Malo from Rennes

  7. 7

    Dieppe: visite découverte

  8. 8

    Le château-musée Louis- Philippe de la ville d'Eu

  9. 9

    Les ivoires du château-musée de Dieppe

  10. 10

    Journée au coeur de l'impressionnisme à Giverny

  11. 11

    Visite du Mont Saint Michel

  12. 12

    D-Day beaches, Mont Saint Michel, Rouen, Giverny..

  13. 13

    Mythical Mont-Saint-Michel

  14. 14

    Guided tour Mont Saint Michel

  15. 15

    Saint-Malo, the privateers' spirit

  16. 16

    Un petit tour dans les cours intérieures de Dieppe?

  17. 17

    A private tour in Mont Saint Michel

  18. 18

    Rouen on foot

  19. 19

    Private tour Mont Saint-Michel from Rennes

  20. 20

    Private tour of Mont Saint Michel

  21. 21

    Le Mont Saint Michel

  22. 22

    Mont Saint MIchel

  23. 23

    Arques la Bataille

  24. 24

    Merveilleux Mont Saint Michel

  25. 25

    Veules les Roses, le long du plus petit fleuve de France

What to do and see: France

  1. 1Aix-en-Provence
  2. 2Nice
  3. 3Soissons
  4. 4Paris
  5. 5Monaco
  6. 6Lyon
  7. 7Sancerre
  8. 8Bourges
  9. 9Nevers
  10. 10Toulouse
  11. 11Toulon
  12. 12Carcassonne
  13. 13Strasbourg
  14. 14Orange
  15. 15Dijon
  16. 16Le Mont-Saint-Michel
  17. 17Neuilly-sur-Seine
  18. 18Nîmes
  19. 19Arles
  20. 20Montpellier

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