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My story

    Hello, my name is Michael, I was born in Ukraine (a part of USSR at that time), but my childhood was pretty much multifaceted, exposing me to additional cultures and languages. My early childhood I spent in Leningrad, USSR (today St. Petersburg, Russian Federation), but since then my parents immigrated twice; fist to Poland and then to Israel - thus I was fortunate to learn more languages and cultures, as well as graduating the faculty of architecture. In the later stage of my lifetime I moved to USA and settled in Washington DC area, where I continued to employ my professional expertise in construction field, as well as continued to enjoy guiding services, acquired scholastically and broadly backed by an extensive practical guiding experience. Being a licensed tour guide in DC, I am offering different tours in this magnificent capital city, ranging from classical tours such as visiting the famous United States Capitol to some other great sites like Jefferson Memorial / Lincoln Memorial, the iconic American monument honoring the 16th president of the United States, and many others including tailored tours per customer interests. There is a vast collection of science, history, art and culture, which came alive at the world famous Smithsonian Institution Museums, and I really enjoy showing it all. I'll be glad to show you all that. Thank you for your attention to my WELCOME introduction.

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