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My story

    Hi there! My name is Paul, I am a former journalist and French professor at the University of Baikal (Irkutsk, Russia). I decided in 2013 to trade my piece of chalk for a knife.

    I had the opportunity of furthering my training at the Astrance (*** Michelin) in Paris, where cuisine and products are at the heart of every consideration. Marked by this experience, I went off to discover techniques and histories, in France, Italy, Russia and Japan. In the kitchens of the Hyo Tei (***, Kaiseki cuisine in Kyoto) and of the Elsa (*, Italian cuisine with French touches in Monaco). In markets, on the side of roads In Eastern Siberia, Armenia, Adjara (Georgia), Xinjiang (Western China), Hong Kong...

    My aim is to share a moment of pleasure. To discover products, craftsmen, suppliers - and not only! Because “eating” is a way of discovering and understanding the world and its inhabitants. Because “eating” is a gift of the World!

    Bonjour !

    Je m'appelle Paul. Chef et journaliste de formation, j'ai décidé de combiner mes connaissances pour les transmettre dans le cadre de guide voyageur.
    Mon approche est née de la volonté d'unir voyage et gastronomie, sur le modèle de la vente en direct: séjourner sans intermédiaires, et laisser la part belle aux enchantements.

    Mon intention est de partager un instant de plaisir avant tout. A la découvertes d'outils, d'artisans, de fournisseurs, et pas seulement. Parce que "manger" est une façon de comprendre et découvrir le monde et ceux qui l'habitent. Parce que "manger" donne le Monde !

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