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My story

    Being a tour guide is when working becomes passion! I have been doing this job for 34 years now and never wished to do anything else. I have been trained to be a tour guide when I was 18 and started working here when I turned 19. I love meeting people from all over the world, showing them my favorite areas and teaching them about the fascinating history of my sunny region, La Côte d'Azur Please come and I will be honorored to show you "only the best of my beautiful corner of the world". I will drive and guide you in my comfortable minivan, and I will take you to the nicest view spots, to the secret places I have been discovering for 34 years, meeting some local people and craftmen I know and enjoying the best food in my non-touristy venues. In one or more days, come and enjoy visiting the French Riviera with a local French guide.