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My story

    Bonjour ! I am Alex, Architect, Historian and professional Qualified guide-lecturer. I had left the Champagne vineyards and the Ardennes forest to Paris for studying architecture and working as an Architect specialised in the rehabilitation of landmark buildings. Years after years, Paris became very important in my life, this city nourishes me deeply!

    Maybe that's why I decided to become a professional tour guide-lecturer and dedicate my time for discovering and explorate Paris. Adding to the classic walks that every first coming visitors should discover like the Louvre, Eiffel Tower,Notre Dame, Montmartre and Champs Élysées, I would like to show you the architecture and urbanism of Paris, using my architect practises and my historian capability to analysis and understand what is magic in that city: Basically, Paris is a masterpiece of human genius. Parisian for more than 10 years, I live in the center of Paris, in Les Halles district: "Paris's belly" as Emile Zola wrote on his novel. I know Paris as the back of my hand and I could show you the places where Parisians enjoy to stay: I often light a candle in a secret chapel in Notre Dame, walk on the department of French paintings in the Louvre, run in Vincennes's woods, take a hot chocolate in front the Centre Pompidou and check my emails on the garden of the Palais royal. When Paris is familiar, you will see: the life here is so agreeable! I prepare a PhD in history about the urban heritage of Queer culture in Paris. It will be a pleasure to show you the GLBT parisian life, one of the oldest in the world!

    I used to be in contact with other cultures, as my father is French and my mother from Hong-Kong (China). Also I am a globe trotter who travelled a lot: my dream remains to discover the Yemen and the city of Sanaa, the "Manhattan of the desert". I am also fascinated by New York City and Beijing. My visitors agree to qualify me as a sympathic guide, competent, opened, friendly and very knowledgeable. Using my iPad I show you pictures or films as an adding to my explanations: so impressive to see Before/After views of Paris.

    And I use to finish our walk by taking a photo of my visitors as to remember our time together. I consider walks as a mix between professional capabilities to make discover and the feeling that these strolls should also be an occasion to meet a Parisian who invites you at home. Our walk will be far from the massive tourism industry! Bienvenue chez vous ! Welcome home!


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