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 www.mylicensedguide.com WHAT IS IT?

 www.mylicensedguide.com. is a social network and a community platform that exploits the information provided by the parties and was created from a simple observation, the linking through the site www.mylicensedguide.com all passionate and particularly the world of trip for a given destination and / or activity in order to put them in touch with qualified professional guides or with a valid exercise authorization.



All the elements (drawings, models, illustrations, images, soundtracks, texts, logos, brands ...) constituting the site www.mylicensedguide.com is protected by copyright regulations and is the exclusive property www.mylicensedguide.com.

Access to the site does not confer any intellectual property rights on the content or services offered by the Site www.mylicensedguide.com. It is strictly prohibited to reproduce in whole or in part, by any means whatsoever (except agreement agreed with www.mylicensedguide.com) for commercial purposes the content of the site www.mylicensedguide.com, or to create derivative works from this one.




Users of www.mylicensedguide.com are passionate about activities and mainly about the world of travel. Use of the site may be made by registering or not as a member. Registration as a member is required to post comments on guide profiles and is necessary to send messages to guides. All members undertake not to broadcast any data or content that has the effect of reducing, disrupting, preventing the normal use of the Site, or interrupting and / or slowing down the normal flow of communications between the members. It is also forbidden to use robot software or any other equivalent automated tool to navigate on the website www.mylicensedguide.com.



www.mylicensedguide.com is for all enthusiasts and especially the world of travel that can search and compare a guide using various search criteria (keywords, destination, activity, language).

www.mylicensedguide.com puts forward individuals thanks to personalized and dedicated pages.


As professional guides graduated or with a valid authorization of exercise, the guide is committed to having all the authorizations and insurances necessary to carry out his activity.

The guides are considered in the broad sense of the term because of the multitude of different profiles (cultural guide, safari guide, driver, ski instructor, etc ......).

The guides working for their accounts are masters of their pages and are free to enrich it by adding text, image, photo, video and other complementary information.


The vocation of the site is to connect enthusiasts and especially the world of travel with professional guides. Users are invited to contact the guides through a messaging tool offered by www.mylicensedguide.com. Guides will receive emails on their personal email. www.mylicensedguide.com has an internal message sending service which allows it to control these messages for quality concerns. This control can cause a delay of reception of the message of the order of 24h. The guide has the choice to put a price on his profile. Www.mylicensedguide.com is not responsible for any change in the price of the service. All the exchanges and the formation of the contract OR transaction between the guide and the traveler engages only these two parts .Www.mylicensedguide.com advises however not to pay the whole price in advance and to settle the Remainder of the agreed amount in the local currency at the end of the service.



Traveler users are invited, in addition to contacting the guides, to comment about the guides. For this they can comment on the media of the guide (photo, text and video) or write a comment on a trip with this guide. The writing of content on the website www.mylicensedguide.com requires registration as a traveler. www.mylicensedguide.com encourages travelers to be honest, accurate and courteous in their comments and ratings. Comments are those of their respective authors and Www.mylicensedguide.com can not be held responsible for its content.



www.mylicensedguide.com offers registration, creation and independent management of the profile of the guide. To register, the guide must provide a valid email address that will be used to send a link to the interface for creating his profile. Through this interface, the guide will have the opportunity to fill out his entire profile and put it online. The guide will then have a direct and autonomous management of his profile via his user interface to which he will connect via his email and the password recorded during his registration.

The guide will have the possibility to add, modify and delete its contents. The guide does not have the opportunity to directly delete a comment from a user, however it has the opportunity to report it to the administrator by its interface or email, info@mylicensedguide.com



All professional guides are allowed to register at www.mylicensedguide.com.

They can be referenced in these different sections.

-Culture (historical monuments, communities ...)

-Nature (safari, ornithology, forest ...)

-Gastronomy (visit of cellars, cooking classes)

-Montagne (hiking, dog sledding, skiing, snowshoeing ...)

- Sea (sailing, diving, white water ...)

-Extreme (skydiving, rally ...)

-Hunting and fishing

-Heaters and pilots (airport, transfer ...)


Are prohibited on www.mylicensedguide.com  and will cause an immediate deletion of the profile:

-Identity theft

-Advertising for services not related to the relevant guide on the page

-Activities or remarks contrary to local, national or international legislation

-Activity or subject related to sex tourism or pornography

-Rough, defamatory, abusive, racist, obscene, harassing or disrespectful



Full use of this service is free for travelers. Www.mylicensedguide.com can make this service pay for the Guides, they would then be informed beforehand by email, free to them to accept or refuse the financial conditions offered by www.mylicensedguide.com.


www.mylicensedguide.com makes no commitment whatsoever as to the relevance of all or part of the content of the site as hosting content on the Internet.

www.mylicensedguide.com is not subject to an obligation to control the content presented on the site by its members in order to monitor illegal or fraudulent activities. The users of www.mylicensedguide.com are not subject to a pre-publication check and the contents (user reviews, texts, photos, videos, diplomas ...) are binding only these users in their own names. Each user uses the website www.mylicensedguide.com in general and its profile, in particular its risks and perils, the responsibility of www.mylicensedguide.com or that of third parties that provide information and elements for publication in the content of the site , can not be held liable for any prejudice or damage of any nature whatsoever, arising from the use that the site would be made by its users.www.mylicensedguide.com implements a clear policy of protection of the rights of author for any Content for which a third party has allegedly infringed its copyrights. As part of the copyright protection policy of www.mylicensedguide.com, after notification of fraud, www.mylicensedguide.com reserves the right to remove fraudulent content and to exclude from www.mylicensedguide .com, any user in violation with the Terms of Use. www.mylicensedguide.com is hosted by the OVH server. Www.mylicensedguide.com is not responsible for any interruption of this service attributed to OVH liability and can not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage, including loss of profits or customers.



www.mylicensedguide.com is a non-market information intermediary and does not offer for sale any travel benefit. www.mylicensedguide.com therefore contains external links to independent third parties of Www.mylicensedguide.com. The commercial relationships and contracts that users may have to conclude with these third-party companies are completely independent of www.mylicensedguide.com. Www.mylicensedguide.com therefore makes no warranty regarding the performance of any services purchased or reserved on these third-party links.


As a web content host, www.mylicensedguide.com is not subject to any obligation to control the content presented on the Site by its members in order to monitor illegal activities.

www.mylicensedguide.com reserves the right to delete, delete or remove any content, message, text or image without notice for any reason from the Site. If you wish to object to an element or content on the website www.mylicensedguide.com, you must contact us to inform us at the following email address: info@mylicensedguide.com. Our withdrawal procedure will, after verification, remove access to the content in dispute or illegal found.



The use of the website www.mylicensedguide.com explicitly implies that any dispute will be governed by the law of the French State. In case of difficulty of interpretation, the French version (France) of these Terms and Conditions prevails over any other version in another language. In case of dispute, the courts of the jurisdiction of the headquarters of www.mylicensedguide.com will be the only competent.



www.mylicensedguide.com undertakes that the personal information transmitted during the creation and use of the site is considered as confidential information and is used only for contacts between guides and travelers. www.mylicensedguide.com is authorized to use its information for sending promotional messages and quality monitoring. www.mylicensedguide.com undertakes not to transmit this information to third parties subject to legislation or legal action.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, each user has a right of access, rectification and opposition to personal data concerning him by contacting info@mylicensedguide.com.