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Sodre Health Tourism

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Do you have any problem with your health The sodre spa is popular spa resort centre in Ethiopia oromia region which is situated at the foot of greenish hills near the bank of Awash river , the spa resort much of its attraction to hot spring . The Awash river and riverside vegetation in the area .It is main offers include : the tourist standard resort hotel providing accommodation and dining services , hot bath in the rooms or in open air enjoying the warm climate and the beautiful scenery of surrounding vegetation inhabited by monkeys .It is like a pebble in the street and in the precinct . The Sodre spa is very nice for health if anyone who have various health problem that penetrate your disease inside your body and you will be sure from any disease . Swimming and relaxing are the objective of most people's trip to Sodre . There are also many birds like African Hoopoe , Go-away -bird ,huge vultures construct their platform nest high up in the river side trees ,bright iridescent starling strut cheekily or yellow weavers for the construction of their amazing nests , spar winged plover, Grey headed kingfisher ,African grey hornbill ,long tailed cormorants . Nearby there is waterfall at Soder .

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Breakfast at your hotel .We will drive to rift valley passing Debrezeit , Mojo , Adama and on the way we see Wattle Ibis which is endemic of Ethiopian Bird ,Adama Wind Terbine produce , Hooded Vulture , Brown Ramped seed eater . After Long drive we then approach to Sodre resort for enjoy , relax , refresh , Velvet monkey sit together with you& show drama . Later in the afternoon proceed back to Addis Ababa .


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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia



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I am Getnet Tesfaye Ethiopian tour operator , guide ,cook and consultant service provider .I have been here in this industry since 2008.*I graduated from Different accreditation institute in tour guide and cook service provider .*I have co-operative training certificate from D'afrique international Hotel here in Addis Addis Ababa Ethiopia .*I have participated undertaken in tour guide training from Addis Ababa city administration culture and tourism bureau concerning customer service and handling client safety and have got certified .*Certified from the office of oromiyyaa regional state of Ethiopia culture and tourism bureau ormomiyya millennium tour .*Certified in hotel Management by Addis Ababa city administration culture and tourism bureau .*I am professional licensed Ethiopian tour guide and cook service provider . Licensed from Addis Ababa city administration culture and tourism bureau .*I am the member of Ethiopian tour guide association .

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