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Tiya UNESCO heritage , Adadi Maryam , Melkakunture

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Awash Melka Kunture Situated 50km south west of Addis Ababa on Butagera road is small town of Awash melka Qunture ,which famed by its Paleantropological site . It is the site of Archaeological place stone age tools aged long million years and remains of Homo Erectus, 800.000 years old which the earliest humans left behind are excavated in this site . Fossilized bones of Hippopotamus, rhinoceros, elephants and Antelope have also been unearthed here. As you cross the bridge at south end of the town, you come to an eye catching view of Awash River water fall striking the basalt at the base of deep gorge and the smoke of its spray. Tiya Stela After crossing the river, there situated a fence enclosure kept for excavation and collection of prehistoric physical remains. The main excavation in the site include fossil animal bones , stone age pebble tools of ancient men estimated about 2million yrs back which are exhibited in Mini museum . Awash is also best known the numerous stone age art fact that have been unearthed along the river including variety of cleaver hand axes and other tools made from basalt , hard rock as well. Adadi Maryam Which is situated after Melka kunture site . There is church known Adadi Maryam , the church dates back from Lalibela's time 12th century AD . One of the church located in the northern part of Ethiopia. Lalibela town inscribed on the world heritage list in 1980. Adadi Maryam Church also resemble like Lalibela church & has numerous gates , windows and trenches are found around the church . This Stela is very decorated and attractive to visitors. Tiya, where 36 prehistoric monoliths or stela are found. Thirty of them there are decorated with carvings. This historical significant place dates back to 12th - 13th century AD . The site is registered as world heritage list by UNESCO. Visit this site and it is very interesting to explore it those who have interest to this prehistoric tomb stone sites .

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Awash Melka Kunture Arrive at Bole international airport Greet , meet and then trasfer you to your hotel for check-in ,rest . After breakfast you will have tour briefing . We proceed to Awash melka kunture one of paleantropolog site .Here you will see stone age tools , hand axes , tools aged long yrs million years , fossil bones of Hippopotamus , ,elephants and so... Adadi Maryam After some km, we will arrive at Adadi Maryam rock hewn church . It is an old Cavernous church found Awash melka Kunture . You visit this famed for its unique earth and rock hewn in underground cavern. Tiya Stela Visit Tiya stele UNESCO's heritage inscribed .Tiya stele is particular date back to the 12th - 15th century AD. Lunch and return back to Addis for your next flight End of tour


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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia



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I am Getnet Tesfaye Ethiopian tour operator , guide ,cook and consultant service provider .I have been here in this industry since 2008.*I graduated from Different accreditation institute in tour guide and cook service provider .*I have co-operative training certificate from D'afrique international Hotel here in Addis Addis Ababa Ethiopia .*I have participated undertaken in tour guide training from Addis Ababa city administration culture and tourism bureau concerning customer service and handling client safety and have got certified .*Certified from the office of oromiyyaa regional state of Ethiopia culture and tourism bureau ormomiyya millennium tour .*Certified in hotel Management by Addis Ababa city administration culture and tourism bureau .*I am professional licensed Ethiopian tour guide and cook service provider . Licensed from Addis Ababa city administration culture and tourism bureau .*I am the member of Ethiopian tour guide association .

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