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Zagreb Coffee Pleasure Walking Tour

Zagreb, Croatia

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I have created a specialized Zagreb "Coffee pleasure tour" since coffee is the most important social thing for Croatians and is creating a big part of our lifestyle. You should have a proper local experience starting with a visit to a roastery & coffee bar, where we will be tasting one of the best coffees in the city. You can choose between few types of coffee (decaf as well) like espresso, macchiato, Turkish coffee prepared on a hot sand or organic tea. After coffee&chat we will continue to the city center to explore the most interesting sights and stories that have shaped the soul of the city today and the story of coffee culture will come up few more times during the tour. Yes, we do love our coffee time :) We will finish the tour in Upper town, on the small hill where history of Zagreb began. Don't worry, this is an easy walk adjusted to all age and health conditions. You will get the best recommendation for food, events and shopping places too and for other things worth a visit while you're in Zagreb.

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Zagreb, Croatia



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