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Harry Potter - Private Walking Tour

City of London, London, UK

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This special Harry Potter Walking Tour of London visits many of memorable locations as seen in the Harry Potter movies. As we say in the U.K., this tour kills two birds with one stone as some we visit some of the famous locations London has to offer whilst other places are in harder to find locations to make it more difficult for Muggles. During the course of this 2-3 hour tour we will visit locations on foot and by tube where Harry, Hermione and Ron actually visited as well as others that were the inspiration for J.K. Rowling when writing the series. As much as is possible for Muggles, we will visit where the Leaky Cauldron is and the real life Diagon Alley. We’ll see where the Death Eaters launch their attack and the route that Harry, Hermione and Ron take to escape. Whether you want to know where the Ministry of Magic is, see the very spot where the Knight bus squeezed between the 2 London buses or visit Gringotts bank then this tour is for you. Of course ,we will finish off by visiting Platform 9 3/4 with the newly opened nearby Harry Potter store. Your tour guide lives right next to Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio tour and would be happy to take you onwards there after the tour should you not be going directly to Hogwarts.

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City of London, London, UK



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