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(Nearly!) All of Dublin in 5 hours

Dublin, Ireland

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On this 5 hour experience, we'll enjoy a leisurely walk (including at least 2 breaks) of the city centre. A nice loop taking in every main site (as well as many minor ones) in Dublin, but it is also customised based on your interests and preferences, so just ask! On our jaunt through the streets of Dublin, you'll finally learn where the Irish came from, who the Celts were, what's the deal with Northern Ireland, what is Gaelic and who speaks it, and where is Dublin and Ireland now. Think of that as our main course. Whereas, the garnish will be those sites that make the capital and add colour to the stories. Speaking of food, we'll stop for coffee break and lunch/dinner stop. And as if that wasn't enough to pace the tour, we'll mix it up ever more by doing a guided tour of one of the city's must-do attractions (National Museum or Old Library of Trinity). Dublin's stories can nearly be breathed in from the ancient streets. Come walk the stones of a city of timeless writers, romantic poets and freedom-fighters and the most gifted talkers the world has ever seen. Needless to say, if you want to properly experience Dublin and feel its beating heart, you've got to stroll the streets with a local!

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Dublin, Ireland



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