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Bethlehem Day Tour

Bethlehem, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

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Meeting point at Bethlehem-Jerusalem Check-point. Walk towards the Catholic Action Circle and start the day walking through the Old City of Bethlehem and it’s quarters “Star Street”. We will visit “Bethlehem Icon Centre” which is located in Hosh Abu Jarour which is one of the old Hoshies of Bethlehem and there we will see how people of Bethlehem used to live there. Then we will stop at the old entrance of Bethlehem City then visit another type of Hosh called the Syrian Quarter. Later on we will visit “Al Bad Museum for Olive Oil Production” also called “Bad Jackaman”, it is situated in the Old City of Bethlehem. The building which houses the museum dates back as far as the 19th century. The Museum houses many ethnographic and archaeological artefacts featuring the entire process of oil production. Furthermore, the exhibit also shows the many uses for oil such as lamps, medicine, food, soap and even cosmetics. “Opening hours: 08:00-14:30 Monday through Saturday” Afterwards, we will continue to Manger Square where we will stop to have coffee before entering the Nativity Church. Visit to the Nativity Church that was build by Justinian in 530 AD entering the Byzantine basilica through the main entrance” The door of humility” and see the original floor of the first church of Constantine from 326 AD. We will take the steps to get down to the grotto, the spot where Jesus was born from Virgin Mary and then continue to Saint Catherine Church and visit Saint Jerome’s Caves to see the place where he translated the bible in the fifth century. Lunch break in Afteem Restaurant. We will have Falafel lunch with Humus and typical Salad. Afterward we will walking Milk Grotto street towards the Church of Milk Grotto where it is believed according to tradition that while Virgin Mary was feeding baby Jesus a drop of milk felt on the ground and turned the stones all into white. After lunch we will take a taxi to Beit Sahour. This historic town, whose name means “Place of the Night Watch”, in reference to the Shepherds who keep watch over their flock by night, lies 1km east of Bethlehem. In the past, the Canaanites inhabited its numerous caves, and today it is the home of many churches and convents. Churches now mark the sites of Shepherds Field, the Field of Ruth and the Well of the Lady. Visit the Shepherd’s Field, located in the town of Beit Sahour 2 km east of Bethlehem, this is the site where the angel of the Lord is said to have appeared before shepherds bringing them good tidings of the birth of Jesus. Joined with a multitude of heavenly hosts, the angel sang ‘Glory to God in the Highest and on Earth, Peace among men.’ Drive back to Bethlehem-Jerusalem check-point for departure. End of the day.

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Bethlehem, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel



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