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Inca Jungle Machu picchu

Machu Picchu Pueblo, Peru

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The Inca jungle tour is an exclusive adventure journey of 4 days that combines trekking, mountain biking, rafting and zip line as an optional possibility before we arrive at Machu Picchu. If you are one of those travelers that couldn’t book the Inca trail, don’t feel bad and know that you have a great alternative at hand to have an adventure from a different angle which is the Inca jungle. Inca Jungle is one of the best adventure alternative trek in comparation to the classic Inca Trail, that captures the majestic energy of Machu Picchu through ancient paths designed by the incas and that will make you feel full adrenaline. This tour lasts 4 days and includes adventure sports like biking, rafting, zip line and trekking. During our journey you will have the chance to see recently discovered Inca paths, archaeological complex, amazing mountains that range from the Abra Malaga to the green valley near the Urubamba river that belongs to the basin jungle of Cusco. INCA JUNGLE DETAILS Below you will find details of the most famous adventure tour in Cusco: The Inca Jungle. This itinerary describes the activities day by day as well as what is included. The tour won’t face too much crowd as the classic inca trail. DAY 1: CUSCO – Santa Maria (BIKING AND RAFTING) The program of Inca Jungle tour starts when we pick you up at your hotel from 6:30 to 7.00 am. then we head towards the sacred valley of the Incas, along the way we will see picturesque villages and beautiful landscapes, arriving at Ollantaytambo, after a break we will continue with the trip by bus. After 1hr. aprox. we will arrive at the Abra Malaga around 11 am. (4350 mt.), point of departure with the bikes, we will descend for 3 hrs., passing through small villages, orchards, rivers and streams, reaching the town Huamanmarca around 1:30 pm. Aprox. Then our private bus will take the group for 30 min. to the town of Santa Maria, where we will have lunch. After a short break, we will begin a new adventure, the rafting trip will lasts around 2 hrs., encountering rapids class III and IV, always accompanied by a professional safety kayak that will take care of the group all the time. Travelers that didn’t book the rafting tour will go with an assistant guide in our private bus for 20 min. to the town of Santa Maria. Then they will have free time to explore by their own. At the end of the rafting adventure, the bus will be waiting for this group to take it to the town of Santa Maria to spend the first night surrounded by vegetation and beautiful landscapes. Includes: lunch – dinner Rafting Inca Jungle DAY 2: Santa Maria – SANTA TERESA (HIKING) We got up around 6:00 a.m. to enjoy a typical breakfast in the middle of nature, then we start the walking along the banks of the river and start climbing for 30 min. aprox. part of this trek will go through the original inca trail. On our way we will see small coffee plantations, fruit trees, among others. The area is surrounded by many types of birds and orchids; this ecosystem belongs to the high forest and is one of the most rich in terms of biodiversity of the Inca jungle. Once on top we will see the whole valley of the lower Urubamba. The group will walk down the mountain for 2.30 hrs. aprox. until arriving at the village of Qellomayo, to have the meal. After a break we continue walking for 3 hrs. crossing farms, waterfalls and rivers until arriving at the hot water springs of Santa Teresa, and after a relaxing bath, the group will continue walking for 40 min. until reaching the town of Santa Teresa to sleep in one of the rural lodges. After the dinner we all are invited to visit one of the bars to hang out with the members of the group. Includes: breakfast – lunch – dinner Inca Jungle DAY 3: SANTA TERESA – AGUAS CALIENTES (HIKING AND ZIP LINE) Around 7 am., after a typical breakfast we will get ready to continue exploring the roads that were followed by the first expeditionaries that discovered Machu Pichu and other important archaeological complex. The next journey will start in Santa Teresa. Those who reserved in advance will make the zipline (and later this group will be taken by bus to the area known as the hydroelectric), the rest of the group will continue the trek of 3 hrs. aprox. through the valley until reaching the hydroelectric too, where the entire group will get together again. Here we will enjoy of a great lunch. And after a break we will continue walking along this great inca jungle tour for 3 hrs., enjoying beautiful waterfalls, going through coca and coffee farms along the railway until arriving at the town of Aguas Calientes around 4 pm. Here the group will spend the night in a hostel. At night we all will get together in a local restaurant to enjoy a great dinner and have a briefing about our next excursion to Machu Picchu and the group will receive some snacks. Includes: breakfast – lunch – dinner zip line inca jungle DAY 4: AGUAS CALIENTES – MACHU PICCHU – CUSCO (WALKING AND VISIT THE INCA CITADEL) Finally in last day of our inca jungle tour we get up around 4:00 am. we get ready to head to Machu Picchu, our trek will follow an ascending path through the high forest, hopefully we could have the opportunity to see the sunrise on our way, after registering in the control entrance around 6:00 am. we will have a private guide leading us within the Inca citadel, and after 2 hrs. aprox. the group will be free to enjoy Machu Picchu by its own. Those travelers that booked the hiking to Huayna Picchu will be able to start this journey, the climbing lasts around 45 min. the way up is very steppy at some points but it’s worth it because the view from this area is breathtaking. Although this trek is not recommended for people that suffer of dizziness. In the afternoon, according to the departure of the train ticket, we will descend walking to the town of Aguas Calientes to get the train back to Ollantaytambo where the group will be picked up and transferred to Cusco city. Remember to be at least 30 min. at the train station before departure. End of our journey in the plaza de armas. Includes: breakfast

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Machu Picchu Pueblo, Peru



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