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Gdansk as an apetizer

Gdańsk, Poland

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Gdansk as an appetizer - is perfect for people, who want to see the most significant places - and maybe visit one - chosen museum. Definitely A-MUST in Gdansk is the famous St.Mary's Church. It is the biggest gothic brick church in the world... To be in Gdansk and not to see the St. Mary's is like not being in Gdansk at all! The Highlights of Gdansk Tour is good for those, who stay in Gdansk for a longer time. After seeing the city with a guide, they can then wonder aournd by themselves - already recognising some of its historical whispering. It is also good for those, who come on a cruise ship for few hours only. The highlights of Gdansk give the opportunity to say "I have been there", or "I saw its beauty"... Each tour is tailored to the needs and interests of Visitors.

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Gdańsk, Poland



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I am, I collect, I track, I love Those four words characterize my professional life. They also characterize me personally… I am… a licensed tour guide and tour leader. And as such I have a wide range of qualifications and quite a collection of licenses. Among them are the ones to guide in and around Gdansk, as well as Torun. I am also licensed to guide and lead tours in and around the two northern provinces of Poland – the Pomeranian and Warmia-Mazury. I also have licenses to guide in and around the Castle Museum in Malbork and Nicolaus Copernicus Museum in Frombork etc… I am also a licensed tour leader, and have powers to teach new guides. I collect… bricks. Gothic bricks, as I specialize in the times of Prussia Teutonic and Ducal as well as Royal. I collect bricks, because they can tell a story and can make the walls reveal their secrets. I track… Tutivillus, which is not the easiest task, but is a guarantee of an adventure. As for Tutiv

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