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Nomadic Emigration

Jbel Saghro, Morocco

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Twice a year the semi-nomadic tribes of the Ait Atta migrate in search of pastures for their vast flocks of animals. This unique Morocco trekking tour follows the migration of one such family as they move south from the High Atlas Mountains into their homeland, the Jebel Saghro, a remote and dramatic mountain range in the south of Morocco. This is a real life adventure that will appeal to those in search of something different. It offers beautiful scenery and an enthralling cultural experi¬ence. During this weeklong trek, you’ll witness a way of life unequivocally different from our own - one that has been handed down through centuries of Ait Atta civilization. Travelling at the gentle pace of the nomads and their flock of goats, sheep, mules and dromedaries, we follow a trail over rocky passes, crossing bright oases and camping in wilderness locations. Walking for 4 – 5 hours per day, there’s plenty of time to enjoy the landscape.

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Jbel Saghro, Morocco



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