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Elalamin trip, ww2 battle field trip

Alexandria, Egypt

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We have often pointed out different tours you should do during your visit to Alexandria. But rarely stopped to think that some of you do not have plans to visit El Alamin area. We recommend you do a day trip to El Alamein. Located about 110 km from Alexandria where you can meet among others the remains and cemeteries of World War II. At this spot November 1942 when allied forces under the command of the British General Montgomery put halt to the advance of Nazi Africa corps who considered Al Alamin area to be the key of controlling African continent . Allied victory in El Alamein battle marked the beginning of the end for the Axis power through the part of North Africa, crushing the mystique that surround the German “Desert fox “ known as Marshal Rommel . So El Alamein battle considered one of the most violent and most important confrontations during the Second World War. You will travel through the Egyptian North Coast line to El Alamein , visit the military museum, containing displays of wapons , military garb and tanks . The description & strategy of the battle of Montgomery , Rommel and others participating in the battle will be display to you with Audio affects . After the Military museum, you will continue to visit burial site , the cemeteries and final resting place for the battle participants from Greek , Italian , German and Commonwealth soldiers . The neat rows of tomb stones provide poignant scene set against the seemingly interminable desert. Note: Visitors are recommended to bring Comfortable walking shoes along with hat and sunscreen. There is a camera fee for the military museum. It takes approx. 1 hour each way while driving to/from Alexandria , depends upon the local and traffic conditions.

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Alexandria, Egypt



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