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Historical quarters of Istanbul along the Golden Horn, UNESCO world Heritage

Istanbul, Turkey

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The historical neighborhoods along the Golden Horn are all selected for UNESCO Patrimonial list. Different ethnic groups used live in those neighborhoods standing next to each other: Greeks, Jews, Gypsies, extreme Muslims, members of several Sufi orders. Today the architectural and social legacy are still remaining all around the streets of these neighborhoods. You will be amazed by the beauty of the contradiction and harmony of the architecture and variety of cultures while strolling in their streets and you will definitely understand the harmony of cohabitation of several ethnics. This is a mosaic of cultures which is the key to the success of the Ottoman Empire in social domain during 700 years. And here is the reason why you should do this tour: in your first day in Istanbul you spend your time around Sultanahmet district visiting Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque Grand Bazaar..etc with 1 million other tourist coming from all over the world. It is a great opportunity to make friends from anywhereelse then Turkey, the country you are visiting!!! I don’t deny the beauty and historical value, but, what about the beauty of social, facts of real life? Now, during this tour you will be away from the tourist crowd but completely inside the authentic life of the real inhabitants of old Istanbul. So each of these neighborhoods is an endangered social phenomena. In this ultraliberal global world order, they are surviving small islands of humanity resisting against monsters of hi-tech civilisation. ” And the details are as follow:. Fener: Greek quarter; Greek Orthodox Patriarch and Curch of Aya Yorgi, Greek Red HaighSchool for boys, one and only Byzantine Church remained as a church without being converted into a mosque by Ottomans: Church of Marie of Mongols Balat: Jewish quarter, excellent examples of 18-19th century civil architecture of Istanbul, Cifit Market where the shops used to be the stables of Roman Palace. Ayvansaray Quarter of Gypsies who were installed there by direct order of Sultan about 4 centruies ago. Sublime view of Historical city from famous Cafe de Pierre Loti, Eyub: 3rd most important muslim pilgrim place. First attempt to conquer Constantinopolis by Arab warriors led by Sultan Eyub who is buried there, it is very common to visit his mausoleum by just married couples and boys about to be circumcised Çarşamba: almost 100% resided by disciples/followers of Ismail Aga sufi order, it has also the largest open air Roman water cistern.

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Istanbul, Turkey



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