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Malbork Castle - Follow the Trail of Teutonic Knights' Castles

Malbork, Poland

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This Castle was built by the Teutonic Order which named it Marienburg, literally "Mary's Castle". The castle is a classic example of a medieval fortress, and is the world's largest brick gothic castle. UNESCO listed the castle and its museum as World Heritage Sites in 1997. The castle was expanded several times to host the growing number of Knights, and became the largest fortified Gothic building in Europe, featuring several sections and walls. It consists of three separate sections - the High, Middle and Lower Castles, separated by multiple dry moats and towers. It once housed approx. 3000 "brothers in arms", and the outermost castle walls enclose 52 acres, four times larger than the enclosed space of Windsor Castle. Both castle exterior and interior are just fascinating. Interior courtyards, gates, dry moats, wells, castle treasury, reconstructed mill and much, much more to see. The dormitory, dining rooms, kitchen, castle treasury, Malbork's armory - you need at least 2 hours to catch the spirit. SAMPLE ITINERARY: Drive to Malbork. On the way to the castle you will see the remnants of villages, dams and architecture made by Mennonites. Sightseeing of the castle with your English speaking guide. Optional: lunch in one of the castle restaturants. Try local specialities and relax. Return to Gdansk /Gdynia or another fixed point. Note: On Mondays and some festive days the Castle Museum is closed. Only Castle area and selected interiors are open to public. There is also an option, on the return way to Gdansk, to combine the Teutonic Castle with a short visit to the former Concentration Camp at Stutthof, visit to Westerplatte Battlefield or to arrange a walking tour in Gdansk.

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Malbork, Poland



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