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Birdwatching Adventure for Everyone

Gdańsk, Poland

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This tour is for people who love watching birds and are visiting Gdansk for the first time. Sobieszewska Island next to the Vistula Delta is a real bird paradise. Due to its location , midway between Scandinavia and the Equator, it is a natural point of rest for bird migration routes. We will try to detect and identify rare bird species by ear or by eye. There are two birdwatching towers in the Reserve and the itinerary marked with information about flora and fauna. Rent a motorboat to navigate on the less accessible places -the habitat of several rare species of birds. As your private tour guide, I can adjust the schedule, duration and activities to meet your needs. You will be driven to Sobieszewska Island located about miles from Gdansk Main Town. We will walk alongside the specially marked trail, stop to take pictures, listen for bird sounds . There is also a possibility to hire a small motorboat for use on the water. It is perfect for enjoying scenery, wildlife and/or fishing. A locally-based master will take our group to the unique places to find rare species and explore the atmosphere. After the birdwatching, we will stop for a cup of coffee or a nice lunch in a local tavern and afterwards drive back to Gdansk centre. There is the Ornithological Station which serves as a national ringing centre and can be visited upon the request. Sobieszewska Island is itself an interesting and picturesque destination and a popular summer resort therefore it is worth to preplan some extra time to spend in the island .

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Gdańsk, Poland



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