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Full Day Dendera-Abydos Pilgrimage to osiris

Dendera, Dandarah, Qena, Egypt

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A few hours by car from Luxor there are two beautiful temples, still having original painting colours and still not affected by mass tourism. After a three hours drive from Luxor, you will reach the Abydos temple which is dedicated to God Osiris . This should be the tomb of God Osiris, where his head is buried. The road crosses the rural parts of Egypt, places normally not seen by the tourists staying into five stars resort on Red Sea or near the temples in luxor before continuing, on the way back to Luxor, to Denderah temple. which was dedicated to Hathor (Aphrodite of ancient egypt . the temple is boxy in shape and surrounded by a portico with thick columns and walls about half as tall as the roof. There are many reliefs of figures and rituals on the exterior of the temple, including pharaohs, Egyptian deities, and Roman emperorsAmong the many other structures here are the remains of a 5th-century Christian basilica, an excellent example of early Coptic church architecture. back to the hotel

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Dendera, Dandarah, Qena, Egypt



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