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ADVENTURE TOUR DAY 1: TANA - ANTSIRABE Starting south to Antsirabe spa 170km a small stop Ambatolampy city. Visit a handcrafted aluminum pots , continuation of the road to the city of rickshaws. Arrival in Antsirabe 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. . Installation at the hotel. Minitours the city in the afternoon . Overnight at hotel . DAY 2: ANTSIRABE - MIANDRIVAZO Driving westbound N34 , a small passage on both Tritriva Andraikiba and lakes. Continuation of the road on Miandrivazo . Arrived after four hours away. Installation at the hotel. DAY 3 AND 4: DOWN ON TSIRIBIHINA Beginning of the descent by canoe along the entire river Tsiribihina with a professional guide and boatman two , overnight bivouacs along the river , animated soiré and meals are specially prepared by the guide. Visit the waterfall and swimming , visit the village and meet Begidro village , possibility of Nile crocodiles and save mouse. Night bivouacs. DAY 5: Tanambao - Antsiraraka - BELO ON TSIRIBIHINA Continue the ride on the river until Antanambao . Continuation of the zebu cart ride up Antsiraraka . 4x4 transfer to Belo Tsiribihina . Overnight at hotel . DAY 6 : ON BELO TSIRIBIHINA - BEKOPAKA Five hours to reach Bekopaka wrong track , the city at the foot of Tsingy . Overnight at hotel . DAY 7: THE PNM BEMARAHA (LES TSINGY ) A day of sightseeing and hiking in the national park of Bemaraha the morning tour Andamozavaky ( 4heure walk) , the afternoon half past one visit Andadoany system . Night in the same hotel . DAY 8: BEKOPAKA - MORONDAVA Early morning departure back to Morondava, lunch Belo Tsiribihina after lunch on the course Morondava through the great Sacred Baobab , the love Baobab Baobab and walkways . Overnight at hotel . DAY 9 : MORONDAVA - MANJA Six hours of track a bit difficult and barren , but the landscape is typical lunch picnic. Overnight at hotel Kanto . DAY 10 : MANJA - ANDAVADOAKA Always difficult track direction Andavadoaka fishing village south of Morombe unknown but worth to be visited. Overnight at Hotel Coco Beach. DAY 11 : ANDAVADOAKA Beautiful beach, this is the start Andavadoaka coral reefs along 100 Km south west , walking and lazing on the beach, a fart reward after a few days of hard track. Night in the same hotel . DAY 12 : Andavadoaka - TSIANDAMBA Tsiandamba a small fishing village not far from Andavadoaka ideal place to relax and eat lobsters, squid, octopus cheap galore. At night Odillon . DAY 13 : TSIANDAMBA - IFATY Ifaty two hours drive from Tsiandamba , a small village a bit touristy and busy afternoon small zebu cart ride in the forest of baobabs. Overnight at hotel . DAY 14 : IFATY A free day Ifaty offers many activities and excursions on the sea (diving, snorckelling , walking and canoe trip , ect ... ) . Night in the same hotel . DAY 15 : IFATY - RANOHIRA Departure to Isalo through Tulear. A visit and minitours of the city and take the N7 towards . A small passage in the city sapphires . Installation at the hotel. DAY 16 : RANOHIRA - PNM ISALO A day of hiking and visiting the park with a guide from the National Park , Canyon tour Makis and afternoon visit and swim in the natural pool of Isalo . Night in the same hotel . DAY 17 : RANOHIRA - FIANARANTSOA Drive northbound to Fianarantsoa stopping at Ambalavao . Visit Anja village park and manufactures the famous Antemoro paper , through the wine cellar Lazan'I betsileo ( pride betsileo ) at the hotel . A short walk along the old city. Overnight at hotel . DAY 18: FIANARANTSOA - MANAKARA It left for the train ride first class. Lush landscape, meeting and discovery in each stop on the 17 stations over a distance of 163 km . Ten to twelve hours away. Overnight at hotel . DAY 19: MANAKARA - PANGALANES A day canoe ride on the canal pangalanes village of fishermen all along the ballads accompanied by boatmen and local guide who cooks at the same time , meals specially prepared by the guide channel. Always night in the same hotel . DAY 20: MANAKARA - RANOMAFANA A half day of good road to Ranomafana . Installation at the hotel. A small tour of the village in the afternoon . Overnight at hotel . DAY 21: RANOMAFANA - AMBOSITRA After breakfast , visit to the park always accompanied by a local guide and then continue on authorized capital Ambositra crafts Madagascar . Overnight at hotel . DAY 22: AMBOSITRA - ANDASIBE Drive for eight hours of road towards Andasibe through Tana and then RN2 which connects to Tamatave . Arrive late afternoon in Andasibe . Overnight at the hotel. DAY 23: ANDASIBE - PNM MANTADIA Visit the National Park Mantadia with a guide of the park, watching the greatest Indri lemurs and sifaka tiara, with a little luck Calumma parsoni crustifer ( giant chameleon ), and some endemic flora , continuation of the visiting a private park Vakoana afternoon . Night in the same hotel . DAY 24: ANDASIBE - MAHAMBO Starting Mahambo eastbound , passing by the city of Tamatave Port A number of Madagascar . Arrive late afternoon , transfer to the hotel and then relax on the beach. DAY 25: MAHAMBO - ILE AUX MATS Start early to join Soanierana Ivongo , Pier Ste Marie . An hour and a half to cross and then continue by car to the southern tip of St. Mary's Island , where boat transfer to the hotel. Overnight at hotel . DAY 26, 27, AND 28 : ILE AUX MATS Four night and three days on the paradise island around the island on foot or by canoe, boat ride and the islands around or lazing on the beach . DAY 29: ILE AUX MATS - TANA Back to Tana .

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