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Győr and Sopron

Budapest, Hungary

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Győr Sightseeing in Győr can provide you with great fun and excitement. Győr is the principle city of northwest Hungary. It is the capital city of Győr-Moson-Sopron County. Győr is a very colorful and bright city. The land of Győr is dotted with architectural, cultural and natural sites. After the Hungarian capital of Budapest, and also the city of Sopron, Győr contains the highest quantity of historical buildings and significant monuments in the whole of Hungary. Any travellers passing through the Transdanubia area of Hungary should not miss spending time in Győr which is centred around the confluence of the Rába and Monsoni-Danube rivers. Next to the train station, take a walk up the traffic-free street of Baross Gábor Utca and you will almost feel like you are stepping back in history, since there are so many sights from the 17th century and the 18th century situated here. There are number of places for sightseeing in Győr. You will really have a lovely time visiting all the places of interest in Győr. Some of the prominent places that you will surely enjoy visiting are: Széchenyi Square – Széchenyi Square is one of the most remarkable places in Győr. This place is very much notable because of its size as well as for the variety of buildings located in the area. Káptalan Domb (Chapter Hill) / Győr Cathedral The Káptalan Domb is home to the beautiful basilica (bazilika) that is Győr Cathedral, which boasts foundations from the 11th century and architecture that is a slight mishmash of different styles, including a mixture of Gothic, Neo-classical and Romanesque element. City Hall The City Hall is amongst the city's most beautiful and recognisable attractions, and stands close to Bisinger Park, where its tall central tower stands proudly above the trees. Bécsi Kapu Tér (Vienna Gate Square) / Carmelite Church and Fortifications The Bécsi Kapu Tér is where many of Győr's most important landmarks and historical tourist attractions reside. The square itself is dominated by the beautiful Carmelite Church, which dates back to the early part of the 18th century. Chapel of St. Ladislaus The tourists will see a masterpiece of Gothic art, a reliquary bust of St. Ladislaus, King of Hungary from 1077 to 1095, on the altar of this early 15th century Gothic Chapel. There is a Rococo statue of St Michael (1764) on the south side of the Cathedral. Iron Cockerel The figure, an iron cockerel on a double cross with a crescent-moon base, standing on the bank of the Mosoni Danube is the symbol of the city. Kisfaludy Theatre Located southeast of the Benedictine monastery, stands the modern Kisfaludy Theatre, built in 1978. Sopron The tourist attractions in Sopron are many and varied. There are numerous things that you should not miss. These attractions reflect the true flavor of Sopron and you will be happy to be introduced to it in such an exciting manner. It is one of the cities that has the largest number of monuments in the whole of Hungary. Sopron is situated along the Austrian-Hungarian border at the foot of the Alps. It is 220 kilometers away from Budapest and about 60 kilometers away from Vienna. There are a number of tourist attractions that you should not miss and these will not fail to enthral you. The streets of the city are quaint and quiet and little. This is a historic city and the city center itself beautifully reflects its traditional past. Here you will also find unique buildings and other historical monuments that belong to the Middle Ages. Besides the beautiful historical buildings there are some other aspects as well that would attract any visitor. There are the Sopron Festival Weeks that are organized every year. There are other tourist attractions as well: Spring Days, Sopron Wine Festival, professional exhibitions, Pan-European Meetings and many other events. Make sure that you do not miss these. The attractions are not limited to the buildings alone but the city and its environment is a special attraction. The natural beauty of the place, the mountainsides with the dense forests, lookout towers, springs and the air of the Alps make Sopron is just the place to visit if you are looking for mental and physical recreation. The Lõvérs is one of the best recreational area of Sopron and it is situated south of the city. This particular area is also famous for its wine. Fő tér / Main Square This square, in the centre of the city, hosts some very beautiful buildings as well as some other things such as - The Mary's Column - Firewatch Tower and City Hall - Gambrinus House - Goat Church Firewatch Tower This is the symbol of Sopron, and from the top of the tower, you can enjoy beautiful views of the city. Goat Church and Chapter House Originally a Franciscan monastery stood on this spot and it's church, in the 18th century,eventually passed to the Benedictines. This is a fine example of Hungarian Gothic architecture, apparently one of the finest in all of Hungary. It's called the 'Goat Church' because of some fanciful legend concerning a goatherd and a pot of gold . It's a huge church its exterior is really impressive. Roman Sopron This area of western Hungary was a Roman province and during the reign of Tiberius 14-37, they founded a city called Scrabantia. Sopron eventually grew from the remains of Scrabantia and around the central area of the old town you can see a lot of evidence of this. The area near the present main square of Sopron was where the forum of Scrabantia stood. Around here is one of the most delightful aspects of the old town. From these forum remains and all around the back of the fire tower are little walks, nooks and crannies with remnants of the city walls, trees now sprouting out of their crumbling remains.

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Budapest, Hungary



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