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Day Tour from Belgrade to Subotica and Novi Sad - Private Tour

Belgrade, Serbia

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We will travel to SUBOTICA, the town located in the heart of the Pannonian plain at the very north of Serbia. It is a multi-confessional, multi-linguistic and multi-ethnic town, a genuine "city of minorities", populated with Bunjevci, Hungarians, Jews and Serbs. As the 19th century was drawing to a close a luxurious new style, Art Nouveau was taking Europe by storm. Art Nouveau developed as an opposition to the existing, officially recognised forms of arts, crafts and architecture. Subotica became a keen convert to a Hungarian version of Art Nouveau called Hungarian Floral Secession, and in 40 years many of the most beautiful buildings were built.The old town of Subotica is now a protected area. We will visit the most outstanding Secession style buildings including Ferenc Raichle Mansion, a uniquely spectacular building with blue glass mosaics, green wooden bay windows, as well as an abundance of curved, glazed pyro granite elements. In the Town Hall, a building of exceptional beauty and size, we will see it's finely decorated and intricately hand-painted interior. In the Synagogue, which was built by the affluent Jewish community and is one of the most outstanding Art Nouveau religious buildings in Central Europe, you will have the opportunity to see the recently restored interior and its multi-coloured stained-glass windows. We will visit various palaces, real architectural gems and stroll through the old town which has received protection and recognition as an area of historical importance. In the afternoon we will continue straight to Novi Sad. We will walk through narrow side streets of the of the old town and see its historical buildings. Should you want we will enter into the Synagogue, Catholic Church and Orthodox Church.

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Belgrade, Serbia



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I am a Serbian Heritage Interpreter and a licensed Belgrade Tour Guide, and I guide in English and Spanish. I design, organise and guide exclusive private tours of Serbian Heritage in Belgrade and Serbia for over 30 years.
Private tours allow me to share far more information and on a more profound level, than the superficial comments on regular group tours. Heritage interpreting will provide you with far more in-depth and comprehensive insights into Serbian history, culture and heritage than simple tour guiding. The role of a knowledgeable Serbian Heritage Interpreter is crucial during cultural tours, especially when visiting Serbian medieval Orthodox monasteries.
My Serbian Heritage Tours have been designed for solo travellers, couples, small groups of friends or families. Tours vary from inclusive Belgrade private tours, Belgrade layover tours, cultural day trips from Belgrade to Serbian monasteries, day trips from Belgrade to Vojvodina, tours of Serbian medieval monaster

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