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Kazimierz City Tour

Kazimierz Dolny, Poland

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-Kazimierz-the former quarters of Jews (15 min. from Wawel by walk or by car on your earlier request) -Szeroka Street-before the World War II, the centre of Jewish life. Visit in Remuh Synagogue (still in use) and cemetery which is one of the biggest Jewish cemeteries in all Europe (beautiful gravestones, the grave of rabbi Remuh said to be the miracle worker) -Heroes of Ghetto Square-the place of the Jewish ghetto from the times of the World War II -Oscar Schindler's factory-the original building of factory where Schindler employed the Jewish people (the place used by Steven Spielberg in the movie The Schindler's List) -Plaszow-the former Nazi concentration camp- the monument of the camp's victims (Please note that the Ghetto Square, Schindler's factory and Plaszow are located far from each other, that is why we suggest to use a car for this part of the tour)

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Kazimierz Dolny, Poland



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