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Baby Turtle Release & Boat Lagoon Ecological Jungle Tour

Barra Vieja, Guerrero, Mexico

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We arrive to Barra Vieja, walking by the “3 Palos Lagoon”.  Upon arriving at Tres Palos Lagoon, you will board your motorboat to begin a breathtaking exploration of the lagoon where many exotic species of tropical birds call this sanctuary their home. See mangrove tunnels, virgin lagoons, a natural garden of wild flowers and much more. The tour heads south along the coast in route to Tres Palos Lagoon. On arrival at the lagoon, board a motorboat for a cruise through the lagoon. This sanctuary is home to exotic bird’s, mangrove tunnels, virgin lagoons and a natural garden of wild flowers. You can walk along the lagoon with your tour guide and learn about the lifestyles the very friendly natives, On our way to get the typical motor boat Later we will head to a preservation Baby Turtle Camp, where we will participate in a Baby Turtle Release. When you participate in the Turtle Release Eco Tour, you are not only helping the sea turtle, you are able to learn about the species all while enjoying yourself. Your participation in this program will go a long way towards protecting the turtles now and for future generations as a portion of the revenues from your visit will go to maintaining this very worthwhile program.   The Sea Turtle is making a comeback in the waters of Acapulco and you have the opportunity to help. You will choose a baby sea turtle that has been raised by the Turtle Conservation Program. You can adopt the turtle and then, through your efforts, release the baby into its natural habitat in the sea. As the baby takes its first swim in the natural waters of the Pacific, you will be there to witness this momentous occasion.

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Barra Vieja, Guerrero, Mexico



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