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Addis-Abeba, Ethiopia

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Ethiopia is a holy land for Muslim and considered to be the for the early forth holiest Islamic city of the world , after Mecca , Medina ( Harar ) and Jerusalem .History has it that the early followers of prophet Mohamed were denied the fundamental right to pursue the religion they preferred and were harsh, they persecuted by the Qurashi tribe the Mercantile rulers of Mecca . In order to maintain the very survivals of his religion , the prophet had to seek a safe hideout for his followers .'' Yonder lithe a country wherein one is wronged : a land of righteousness .Deport thither ; and remain until it pleased the lord to open your way before you '' said the prophet , pointing to the kingdom of Ethiopia .The ten rulers of Ethiopia ,or Nejashi , granted asylum to the first refugee , eleven men & four wives who entered his territory in 7th month of year of Mohammed's mission (615) .'' In Ethiopia there are Muslim religious sites . Mosques are popularly identified by the names of the neighbourhoods or Quarters of the town in which they are located .In Today's Addis Ababa , with the exception of Al-Gamia Anuawr , the mosque estimated at 200 i total are better known by the names of Localities ,ethnic groups , philanthropologists who financed their construction , important personalities and public constitution than by their official designations . The old mosque in the capital Addis Ababa was founded in 1898 on a site not far from the imperial palace (n Gebbi ) .It was built on the initiative of an Indian Muslim mason , Wali Mohammed , on the land he had been granted for his services in the construction of the palace . The idea of construction of big mosque came from Turkish envoy of Sultan Abdall hamid II , Said Pasa who was sent to Menelik II in 1904 . In Addis Ababa , there are mosques and churches in close proximity to each other , symboling peaceful coexistence of Islam and Christianity . Good Example are the Gamia -Anuar mosque & Raguel church both in Addis Ababa . Gamia Anuar Is the largest central mosques in Addis Ababa and the principal site for the performance of daily prayers by the city's Muslim reside and those of its suburbs .For several decades the congregation Friday prayer ( Salat al -Guma ) has been held at this mosque . Mosque Anuar that accommodates a large number of worshiper on the occasion of the copular weekly collective prayer on Fridays at ( Zuhr ) time , which is necessarily preceded by the sermon ( hutba ).

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Welcome you at Addis Ababa bole international airport and then we visit Mohammed Ali former shop which is situated near piasa (an Indian Merchant owing a company in the name of G.M Mohammed Ali & Co having offices all over Ethiopia also in the neighbouring countries like Yemen, Somalia , Djibouti . We visit the southern Arabian inscription and some of Muslim clothes, classical mosques including the great Anuar Mosque the largest and historical mosque at Mercato ( one of the biggest market in Africa ) . You will see this mosque which was built by Italian government also visit one of age mosque wole Mohammed and Salat here. After Salat we then drive you to eat out one of Local Halal restaurant for enjoy your meal . End of Tour


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Addis-Abeba, Ethiopia



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I am Getnet Tesfaye Ethiopian tour operator , guide ,cook and consultant service provider .I have been here in this industry since 2008.*I graduated from Different accreditation institute in tour guide and cook service provider .*I have co-operative training certificate from D'afrique international Hotel here in Addis Addis Ababa Ethiopia .*I have participated undertaken in tour guide training from Addis Ababa city administration culture and tourism bureau concerning customer service and handling client safety and have got certified .*Certified from the office of oromiyyaa regional state of Ethiopia culture and tourism bureau ormomiyya millennium tour .*Certified in hotel Management by Addis Ababa city administration culture and tourism bureau .*I am professional licensed Ethiopian tour guide and cook service provider . Licensed from Addis Ababa city administration culture and tourism bureau .*I am the member of Ethiopian tour guide association .

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