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Tour of the Best Serbian Medieval Monasteries - Private Tour

Belgrade, Serbia

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We will visit the seven most important Serbian medieval monasteries dating from the 9th to the 14th centuries and see exceptional frescoes painted by the best Byzantine painters of the time. You will have the unique opportunity to stay in the Studenica Monastery, attend Orthodox Liturgy in the morning and listen to the chanting of the monks. Studenica Monastery was founded in the 12th century and is considered to be the crowning achievement of medieval culture and sacral art in Serbia. After a guided tour with your Serbian Heritage Interpreter, you will have plenty of time to explore the three churches in the Studenica Monastery complex and view the splendid frescoes on your own and at your own pace. We will also visit the Manasija Monastery, an extraordinary creation of the Serbian medieval sacral heritage. The impressive fortification was built with ramparts and towers, and its church frescoes are of the utmost artistic value in the Eastern Christian world in the early 15th century. It is a miracle the frescoes survived after spending more than a century exposed to the weather under the Ottomans. Travelling via country roads through picturesque mountain villages we will reach the Kalenic Monastery to admire its refined exterior decoration and some of the finest and delicate frescoes painted in medieval Serbia. After visiting LJubostinja Monastery, we will continue our journey through the scenic Valley of the River Ibar. At the outskirts of Novi Pazar, a vibrant oriental town we will visit St. Peter's Church. It is regarded as the oldest Serbian Orthodox church, and it is historically linked with Old Ras, one of the first known Serbian capitals. We will visit the St. George's Pillars Monastery, from the 12th century, built on the top of a hill, which offers splendid views of the surroundings. At the Sopocani Monastery, a reminder of the contacts between Western civilisation and the Byzantine world, we will see the most prominent examples of the 13th-century European painting. Finally, we will visit the Zica Monastery (13th c.), the church where five Serbian kings were crowned and the first seat of the independent Serbian Archbishopric.

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Belgrade, Serbia



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I am a Serbian Heritage Interpreter and a licensed Belgrade Tour Guide, and I guide in English and Spanish. I design, organise and guide exclusive private tours of Serbian Heritage in Belgrade and Serbia for over 30 years.
Private tours allow me to share far more information and on a more profound level, than the superficial comments on regular group tours. Heritage interpreting will provide you with far more in-depth and comprehensive insights into Serbian history, culture and heritage than simple tour guiding. The role of a knowledgeable Serbian Heritage Interpreter is crucial during cultural tours, especially when visiting Serbian medieval Orthodox monasteries.
My Serbian Heritage Tours have been designed for solo travellers, couples, small groups of friends or families. Tours vary from inclusive Belgrade private tours, Belgrade layover tours, cultural day trips from Belgrade to Serbian monasteries, day trips from Belgrade to Vojvodina, tours of Serbian medieval monaster

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