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Tour of Serbian Monasteries in Serbia and Kosovo - Private tour

Belgrade, Serbia

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During the private tour of Serbian medieval monasteries in Serbia and Kosovo we will visit the most important and best preserved Orthodox monasteries built by Serbian kings, emperors, nobility and clergy. We will visit monastic churches which house beautiful collections of Byzantine frescoes painted by the best masters from the Eastern Roman Empire. All monasteries are still active, and we will have a glimpse into the lives of monks and nuns. We will visit all Serbian Orthodox monasteries included in the UNESCO World Heritage List (Decani, Gracanica, Patriarchate of Pec, Holy Mother of Ljevisa in Prizren, Sopocani, Studenica, etc.) and some other which are still not included but are well worth the visit like Zica, Manasija, Kalenic and others. I will explain to you the meaning and messages of frescoes, painting techniques and why they were painted at all. You will gain a deep insight into fascinating times of the expansion of Medieval Serbia, Orthodoxy and the messages the authors tried to convey to the faithful.

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Belgrade, Serbia



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I am a Serbian Heritage Interpreter and a licensed Belgrade Tour Guide, and I guide in English and Spanish. I design, organise and guide exclusive private tours of Serbian Heritage in Belgrade and Serbia for over 30 years.
Private tours allow me to share far more information and on a more profound level, than the superficial comments on regular group tours. Heritage interpreting will provide you with far more in-depth and comprehensive insights into Serbian history, culture and heritage than simple tour guiding. The role of a knowledgeable Serbian Heritage Interpreter is crucial during cultural tours, especially when visiting Serbian medieval Orthodox monasteries.
My Serbian Heritage Tours have been designed for solo travellers, couples, small groups of friends or families. Tours vary from inclusive Belgrade private tours, Belgrade layover tours, cultural day trips from Belgrade to Serbian monasteries, day trips from Belgrade to Vojvodina, tours of Serbian medieval monaster

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