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Rakov Škocjan and cave Križna

Pot na Golovec 18 a

Primož Professional guide

Natural tunnels and bridges

Local cousine tourist farm

Cave Krizna

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Southern, yet not far from Ljubljana rests Rakov Škocjan, the regional park. It is a wonderful wild Karst valley, formed by the Rak river, which springs under the little natural bridge, meanders few kilometres through the valley and goes under the ground near big natural bridge.You see there natural bridges, natural tunnels, karst valley, and visit the fourth largest cave ecosystem in the world – Križna cave. After this walking tour we arrive to nearby tourist farm. They grow vegetables and fruit on in 100% organic way and they breed their own cattle. Basicly all the food is domestic, fresh and organic, prepared in a traditional way.

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Set out on the 40-minutes drive from Ljubljana to the regional park of Rakov Škocjan to wander around in pristine surrounding After 2 - 3 hours walking through this beautiful Karst valley we´ll tickle our taste buds by tasting local dishes at tourist farm only 30 minutes drive away. W´ll end tour with visiting Križna cave to behold unmatched beauty of its stalactites, stalagmites and subterranean lakes on foot and boat rides.


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Pot na Golovec 18 a



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Hi there world!
Born and raised in Ljubljana, Slovenia I was given the name Primož in 1971. I have studied marketing at Faculty of Economics Ever since 2015 I´ve been working as licensed tour guide in SLOVENIA in english, german croatian, bosnian and serbian languages.
I´m passionate traveler, hobby photographer, adventure seeker and story teller thrilled with my country SLOVENIA. It is small and the only European country where Alps meet Pannonian plain, Karst and Adriatic coast.
Diverse, authentic experiences are the very essence of my tours. Vagabond with me in Slovenia! We will:

explore nature: mountains, coast, Karst with caves, stalactites and stalagmites and virgin forests, Pannonian lowland, tracking animals such as brown bear,

do my Theme trips: beekeeping, honey and api turism, wine tours, meet locals at their home, photo tours and food tours (Slovenia is paradise for foodies).

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Culture & Lifestyle

Natural tunnels and bridges

Local cousine tourist farm

Cave Krizna

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