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Nice : le top des visites et activités

Une demie-journée !

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Une vue panoramique de Nice

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Fête medieval

Visite du village médiéval


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Visite et shopping

Séance photo à Cannes

VIP en limousine Lincoln

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Nice tour

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  • Que faire et que voir : Nice ?

    Promenade des Anglais

    Promenade des Anglais

    Take a stroll down the most famous stretch of seafront in Nice, if not in France: a 5-mile walkway running along Nice’s pebbly shore. Gaze out over the oh-so blue Mediterranean and browse or eat at the many shops and restaurants lining the walkway. It’s also a great place to access other attraction in Nice, since most of the radiate out from there. Then after your walk is done, take time to relax on the beaches of Nice. Situated on the French Riviera, Nice’s beaches are famed worldwide. Promenade des Anglais
    Vieux Nice

    Vieux Nice

    Come see Nice as it existed in the past. Explore the old town of Nice. The oldest neighborhood in Nice features a layout that has barely changed since the 1700s. Getting lost in the narrow, winding labyrinth of alleyways and stumbling upon all its treasures will surely be a highlight of your visit. Many of Nice’s most famous landmarks can be found in this area.

    Vieux Nice
    Musée Matisse

    Musée Matisse

    (Source : By Tubantia - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0) For all art lovers, or even just the casual visitor, this airy 17th century villa of a museum is sure to be a treat. The Musée Matisse features the world’s largest of Henri Matisse, a French artist who has gained international fame and is ranked among the greatest of artists. The artist had spent most of his later life in the city of Nice and it served as the inspiration for many of his works. For those who are not a fan of Metisse’s work, the museum is just one of many of Nice’s notable art museums.
    Musée Matisse
    Cours Saleya

    Cours Saleya

    France’s outdoor markets are not to be missed, and the Cours Saleya is no exception. The famous fruit and flower market makes for a very colorful and aromatic experience. Feast on fresh fruit or buy some fresh vegetables for that night’s dinner. Surround yourself with the fragrances and colors of the flower market. Visitors can also score some cool antiques at the antiques market held there every Monday. The market is very conveniently located in the charming Old Nice, just off the Promenade des Anglais.
    Cours Selaya
    St. Nicolas Russian Orthodox Cathedral

    St. Nicolas Russian Orthodox Cathedral

    The cathedral is perhaps the most beautiful Orthodox Church found outside Russia and is one of Nice’s most visited sites. It is also recognized as a national French monument. The cathedral was built in the early 20th century and is actually still used for services today. With its onion domes, mini steeples, bright colors, and detailed ornamentation the cathedral stands a beautiful example of the typical Russian architectural style. The inside is just as beautiful as the outside, with lots of gold detailing and some 300 icons.
    St. Nicolas Russian Orthodox Cathedral

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