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Bucegi Mountains

Brașov, Romania

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Bucegi is a special place for all those who wanders here. Marvelous landscapes, monasteries built in caves, huge stone carved objects like Babele and Sfinx offers the possibility to be visited , some of them the whole year. Dracula's castle at the bottom of the mountains remains among the most attractive places to visit in Romania A little piece of heaven, as some called it will be covered in six days, and finally at the end of excursion we'll visit Brasov an architecture jewel. FIRST DAY :Start point Brasov city - Sinaia - Visit of Castle Peles (we'll stay overnight in tent or chalet depending on weather conditions).Trip time around 8 hours. Level difference : around 200 m. Altitude 500 m. Trip distance around 10 km . SECOND DAY : Sinaia - Cota 1400 - Cota 2000 - Chalet Babele Telecabin. (we'll stay overnight in tent or chalet depending on weather conditions) .Trip time :around 5 hours. Level difference :around 1500 m. Altitude :2200m. Trip distance : around 15 km THIRD DAY : Chalet Babele - Ialomitei cave - Ialomicioara Monastery - Caraiman Cross (we'll stay overnight in tent or chalet depending on weather conditions). Trip time : around 5 hours. Level difference: around 600 meters Altitudes : 2200 m Chalet Babele - Ialomitei Cave 1660 m - Caraiman Cross 2291m. Trip distance : around 20 km. FOURTH DAY :Chalet Babele - Omu Peak .((we'll stay overnight in tent or chalet depending on weather conditions). Travel time around 3 hours Level difference around 300 meters. Altitudes : 2200 m Chalet Babele Peak Omu 2507 m. Travel distance :around 10 km. FIFTH DAY : Omu Peak - Bran. Trip time : around 5 hours. Level differnce : 1750m. (we'll stay overnight in tent or chalet depending on weather conditions). Trip distance : around 25 km. Altitudes :Peak Omu 2507 m - Bran 750m . SIXTH DAY: We are visiting Dracula's castle - Brasov - we are visiting the Black Church and Poiana Brasov. Equipment: Mountain tent, sleeping bag, waterproof boots, isolier, rucksack aluminium flask, rain cloak, thick clothes, very good physical condition

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Brașov, Romania



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I wandered all my life. If I had money, more, otherwise less. But I ceaseless wandered. Romania and abroad. Mostly I wandered in Romania. This site offers you my experience in the field. I have made all the routes by foot. It is a good invitation for those who want to improve their physical strength, for those who want to remain in their memory or to record exceptional images with the photo and video camera. It is an adeventure invitation which often push you in limit situations. But finally, when everything is OK you mumble for yourself : I've done it...and you think of the next....

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