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United States , Oak Bluffs |

My name is Dolores Borza…. Everyone calls me DeeDee… I am a 3rd generation islander with roots dating back to 1909… My great grandfather came to Martha’s Vineyard and bought a home, started his family and opened a cobbler shop on the main drag and did some blacksmithing… I grew up with my grandparents and my grandfather showed my all around the Vineyard and taught me as much as he could…. And told me so many stories about living on the Vineyard and shared many laughs and tears… I spread my wings and joined the Army in ’84 and became a chef for approx 20 years later… After being in the back of the house (kitchen) I was yearning for a more personal interaction with the public kind of job… at the time, my ex owned a taxi company…. I drove cab for around 3 years and was amazed as to how many people wanted a tour of the Vineyard… many folks visit MV to work thru the summer and come from many different countries.. being a cab driver is easy these days because of gps and found that many were driving and giving tours but not telling the true history (mainly because they didnt know it)… this frustrated me and decided I would create my own tour business to give the true history of the Vineyard I treasured so much. I also wanted my business to be as safe and comfortable as possible and created many amenities to make the trip as wonderful as I could. I thought about what I would like and make it possible for others to enjoy… I also wanted to teach as much as I could and make it a learning tour as well… An experience with a man in a wheelchair gave me the opportunity to help Martha’s Vineyard be as accessible as possible and integrated wheelchair accessible tours to my business… this opportunity to see how needed accessible tours are was graced upon me and have found that the results of my "why" to do business is what keeps me happy and determined to make it work better every year. I offer a one-of-a-kind tour, like no other.... Wheelchair Accessible Tours!!!! Just like HomeGrown Tours, they say one might "step back in time" when seeing what certain sites looked like in the 1800s on screen. A sort of interactive type of history lesson. Snacks and cold bottled water are also available and at the end of the tour, I created little trinkets to pass out as a thank you from my tour company family. Come take a trip to Martha's Vineyard and know that accessibility won't be an issue and enjoy a relaxed and informative sightseeing excursion.


1 Seaview Avenue, Oak Bluffs, MA, USA

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