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Romania , Oradea |

I wandered all my life. If I had money, more, otherwise less. But I ceaseless wandered. Romania and abroad. Mostly I wandered in Romania. This site offers you my experience in the field. I have made all the routes by foot. It is a good invitation for those who want to improve their physical strength, for those who want to remain in their memory or to record exceptional images with the photo and video camera. It is an adeventure invitation which often push you in limit situations. But finally, when everything is OK you mumble for yourself : I've done it...and you think of the next....


Oradea, Romania

Oradea Tour

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Maramures & Bucovina Bustour from Cluj

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Budapest, Hungary

Maramures & Bucovina Bustour from Budapest

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Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Dracula Bustour from Cluj Napoca

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Romanian-American University, Bulevardul Expoziției, Bucharest, Romania

Dracula Bustour from Budapest

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Olténia utca, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Oltenia Bustour from Budapest

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