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Bird Watching and Photography Private Tour near Constanta

City Park Mall, Bulevardul Alexandru Lăpușneanu, Constanța, Romania
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Dobrogea is one of the bird-rich areas of Romania. It is located on an important migration route and benefits from many water areas: the Danube Delta, marshy areas, lakes on the Black Sea coast.

Dobrogea is also known as a wintering area for birds from Northern Europe and Siberia, the winters being milder here and easier to bear.

Our tour takes place around the city of Constanța, where there are some interesting HOT-SPOTS.

After the more than 100 km that we will drive, you will have a clearer picture of what Dobrogea represents from the ornithological point of view.

We believe that this tour is a « MUST TO BE SEEN! » for any nature lover!

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Vadu Area
Vadu Area

Its an area where certain species of waders can be found even in winter, is a wild, virgin area with sand dunes, marshes, small pools of water, forests, right on the Black Sea coast.

Species to be seen: Mallard - Anas platyrhynchos, Northern shoveler - Spatula clypeata, Ferruginous duck - Aythya nyroca, Smew - Mergellus albellus, Pied avocet - Recurvirostra avosetta, Black-winged stilt - Himantopus himantopus, Eurasian curlew - Numenius arquata, Common greenshank - Tringa nebularia, Caspian gull - Larus cachinnans, Mediterranean gull - Ichthyaetus melanocephalus, Black-headed gull - Chroicocephalus ridibundus, Slender-billed gull - Chroicocephalus genei and more.

Techirghiol Lake
Techirghiol Lake

A large lake with salt water. On this lake, the winter of 2022-2023 sheltered a family of Greater flamingos - Phoenicopterus roseus.

Species to be seen: Pied avocet - Recurvirostra avosetta, Great white pelicans - Pelecanus onocrotalus, Dalmatian pelican - Pelecanus crispus, Short-eared owl - Asio flammeus, Pygmy cormorant - Microcarbo pygmaeus, Common shelduck - Tadorna tadorna, Dunlin - Calidris alpina, Whooper Swan - Cygnus cygnus, Black-necked grebe - Podiceps nigricollis, Kestrel - Falco tinnunculus, Western marsh harrier - Circus aeruginosus, Redwing – Turdus iliacus and more

Agigea Area
Agigea Area

Also located on the Black Sea coast, it can offer pleasant experiences to bird lovers.

Species to be seen: Tufted duck – Aythya fuligula, Pochard - Aythya ferina, Great crested grebe - Podiceps cristatus, Horned grebe/Slavonian grebe - Podiceps auritus, Little grebe - Tachybaptus ruficollis, Common kingfisher – Alcedo atthis, Grey heron – Ardea cinerea, Purple heron – Ardea purpurea and more.

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  • - 4WD car;
  • - binoculars;
  • - scop;
  • - check lists;
  • - drinks;
  • - food;


- 6 Heures

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City Park Mall, Bulevardul Alexandru Lăpușneanu, Constanța, Romania


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